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Independence Day Festivities …


I see dandelions and flying beads … and I’m just drinking coffee.

July 4th fireworks at the Indian Steele Park


Cosmo Time …


Usually that means I’m getting ready to enjoy my favorite cocktail, … which did influence my selection of this cosmopolitan daylily last spring.

This is one of the first blooms.  Have a beautiful Sunday!

Good Morning Angels …

IMG_7864 - Version 2

… a little white feather resting on a rose vine leaf this morning… a hello from my angels… thank you

Where’s Sawyer?


… off on another expedition into the dark, undiscovered world behind the vines… stay tuned for Sawyer’s discovery in the next post!

Bower Vine Beauty …


… a tranquil Sunday… hanging out in the yard with my blooming beauties.

Day One Hundred Fifty Six ~ Mandevilla Surprise

Every year I look at the beautiful mandevilla vines in the nursery and while they have yet to survive in my yard, I hang on to the hope that one day they will and so another round of mandevilla plants are purchased and planted, only to shrivel up and die as soon as the 100+ weather arrives.  Last year I had a vine in a pot with some other plants and it held out for awhile but eventually shriveled up and went brown.  I never pulled it out of the pot and what a surprise I had waiting on the patio the other morning when this beauty showed its face!  Because it was hidden under the other plants, I had not noticed the vine come back from the dead!  So thrilled… a first, mandevilla bloom from prior season!

Day One Hundred Fifty Five ~ Princess of the Butterflies

by Gennaro Garcia, a piece of the wall mural in the Ro2 project

Day One Hundred Fifty Four ~ Downtown Hollyhock

Day One Hundred Fifty Three ~ Light Play

Morning sun on the patio and a puppy

Day One Hundred Fifty Two ~ It’s What Sunflowers Do

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow…   Helen Keller

…more from last Sunday’s venture Sunflower Sunday…