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Petunia Petals …


…. happy Sunday!

Mexican Petunia or Ruellia brittoniana


Day One Hundred Ninety Four ~ Summer Dust Storm

Perhaps the last one, a week or so ago… moving in… cough. 🙂

Day One Hundred EightyFive ~ Summer Sunrise

Morning Sunrise

Mornings in the city in the desert… sitting on the lounge in the backyard, 5:30ish, watching the sun break through, while the tyke (puppy aka Sawyer) wanders the yard performing his elaborate ritual of sniffing and circling, precursory to his two P’s (potty & poop).

Day One Hundred Eighty Four ~ Summer Sunset

Desert Sunset

In the city in the desert…

Day One Hundred Sixty Seven ~ Calling My Name

 The W Hotel pool…