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The Things We Find…


A few interesting insects and crawlers we found in the yard this summer.  The baby King snake and the unidentified green-eyed bee (?) thing were discovered by the doggies.  The Sphinx moth was flitting around the yard …


House Finch?

This birdie was hanging out, high above us on a Queen Palm seed pod, enjoying the beautiful, balmy morning.  Is this a house finch?

New Discovery …

Lacewing Eggs

Green Lacewing Eggs

Sometimes I feel everyday in the backyard has a new adventure / challenge waiting to unfold.  This week I came across this intricate formation on my vinca vines.   I immediately presumed it was the eggs of one of the many spiders hanging around.  After a bit of research I’m fairly certain and happily so, that they are Green Lacewing eggs which are a wonderful little predator to have in your yard to combat the the bugs you don’t want.

Petunia Petals …


…. happy Sunday!

Mexican Petunia or Ruellia brittoniana

Hung Up…


… is the state of my plan to trim back the arabian jasmine vines.

Fortunately I spotted this paper wasp working on his home before I started pruning.

What to do…

Red, White & Blue …


What a weekend it was!  Friends, fireworks and good food.

July 4th fireworks at the Indian Steele Park

Independence Day Festivities …


I see dandelions and flying beads … and I’m just drinking coffee.

July 4th fireworks at the Indian Steele Park

Old Rose …


Watching flowers always makes me think of parallels to the human aging process.  Many different flowers with different life cycles from their first bloom until they shrivel up and blow away.  A different beauty in every stage.

Happy Hibiscus …


…. happy Friday!

Hibiscus are my morning inspiration.  They truly lift their faces and arms to the day with joy.  You can almost hear them sing. 🙂

Super Moon Last Night…


…. still trying to get that awesome moon shot!  Got the tripod finally… but I think I need a better lens.  Regardless, still beautiful to interact with our moon at its best.