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Weekend Happiness…


Such glee…


Snake In The Vines…

Snake in the yard!

King snake

Sawyer disappears behind the vines all the time, scratching and sniffing and finally emerging with a distant look in his eyes.  I always wonder what he saw, ate, etc and then I decide not to think about it.  Recently the morning peace was shattered, with Sawyer (behind the vines) growling in a ferocious manner I’ve never heard from him before.  Then I saw his little butt shaking like crazy… so I decided maybe I should get involved.  Grabbing a stick, parting the vines and poking into the leafy area where Sawyer’s gaze was fixed, expecting to find a lizard perhaps… I nearly fell out of my flip-flops when a huge coil rose from the leaves… and then disappeared again.  I know a snake when I see one.  Anyhow, long story short… I had to pick Sawyer up and take him into the house because he wasn’t leaving his snake post.  I had no idea what kind of snake it was, harmless or poisonous and I couldn’t ignore it and hope it slithered on, since Sawyer was not going to ignore this intruder in his kingdom.  So I googled snake removal… and found who showed up in 30 mins, extracted Mr. Snake who turned out to be a harmless King snake, who just wanted to hang out in our happy yard and help us with the bad stuff.  As much as I would have liked to let him stay… Sawyer wasn’t having it…. so Bryan, from Phoenix Snake Removal, put him in his snake bucket and took him away to reintroduce him back to his natural habitat.

Where’s Sawyer?


… off on another expedition into the dark, undiscovered world behind the vines… stay tuned for Sawyer’s discovery in the next post!

Cute Little Butt…

Sawyer - Jack Russell

My gardener…

Hello Again…

Little Gardner

… the little gardener and his rose…

Day One Hundred Ninety Three ~ Weekend Fun

Hi there… it’s Sawyer … I want to tell you about my fun weekend.  I went to Starbuck’s with M and made friends with a bunch of firemen.  I want to be their station dog and go for rides on their big truck!  Then I went to fly ball class … whoa, that was some kind of fun!  Check out the heart on my shoulder… I wear it all the time.  🙂  Bye for now…

Day One Hundred Eighty Eight ~ A Lesson Learned

I should listen to the big M more often.  I chose to continue chasing the bees even though big M told me not to.  Now I have a boo boo on my nose because one of the bees stung me.  Big M put something (baking soda water) on my sore nose and I tried to eat it.  It was yummy! (btw, I will eat anything).

Day One Hundred Eighty Three ~ Dog Tired

Dog Nap

Mommy made me walk in the heat for 3 miles today… okay, I admit, she carried me home the last mile.

Day One Hundred Eighty Two ~ Horse In The City

Sawyer and I love this beautiful horse… we stop to say hello on our morning walks.