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New Discovery …

Lacewing Eggs

Green Lacewing Eggs

Sometimes I feel everyday in the backyard has a new adventure / challenge waiting to unfold.  This week I came across this intricate formation on my vinca vines.   I immediately presumed it was the eggs of one of the many spiders hanging around.  After a bit of research I’m fairly certain and happily so, that they are Green Lacewing eggs which are a wonderful little predator to have in your yard to combat the the bugs you don’t want.


Hung Up…


… is the state of my plan to trim back the arabian jasmine vines.

Fortunately I spotted this paper wasp working on his home before I started pruning.

What to do…

Day One Hundred Eleven ~ Bug Patrol

Look who stopped by to say hello…

It’s another screen shot but I had no other way to capture the moment! My little friend is on the outside, keeping a watchful eye on the yard.  The pest control man was banished from my yard years ago after I observed the reality of the process which involved literally hosing down the backyard and plants with chemicals.  Since then, I let nature take care of things and it’s worked out quite fine.  Supposedly one little lizard in your yard can eliminate as many bugs as a pesticide treatment will.  I wish I could tell you which lizard/gecko this guy is, but am not certain.  They are common little yard lizards that keep the unwanted bugs and insects in your backyard in check and are otherwise harmless.  Say NO to chemicals!