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House Finch?

This birdie was hanging out, high above us on a Queen Palm seed pod, enjoying the beautiful, balmy morning.  Is this a house finch?


Day Ninety Six ~ Dove Kisses

Yes… you’re the one for me

Thank you for tolerating one more out-of-focus dove love photo… this is the last!

Day Ninety Five ~ Dove Love

Dove on the left ~ “I’m sexy and you know it!”…. Dove on the right ~ “Are you looking at me?” 🙂

The doves are pairing up and finding their mates and its all happening in my backyard!  I love watching lifelong love unfold before me… (did you know doves mate for life?)  I also need a better lens, so bear with the quality of these photos, but I hope you can enjoy the experience.. I have a few more to follow…