Valley Vintage

Day One Hundred Ninety Five ~ If You Build It They Will Come

… or maybe just for a while and then not… or maybe eventually?  The Phoenix Trotting Park, built in 1964 survived for several years, but closed after facing the challenges of its distance from Phoenix and the desert climate.  That was in the 60’s.  It has stood vacant all these years, with the exception of a Hollywood moment in the late 90’s when it was used for an explosion set in the movie No Code Of Conduct.  Much has changed since the 60’s.  Perhaps this extravagant venture was ahead of its time and its time in the sun is still to come?


Day One Hundred Eighty One ~ Gold Reflection

A walk along the historic Gold Spot building, built in 1925.

Day One Hundred Thirty Nine ~ So Stately

The Luhrs Building, built in 1924, framed by blooming Palo Verde, the state tree.

Day One Hundred Thirty One ~ Reflective Moment

The Security Building, built in 1928

The soft dappled afternoon light and reflective activity on the windows drew my attention to this building which I was not familiar with.  As I was with friends who were on a mission that did not include spending even five minutes to capture the perfect photo, I snapped on the run.  Later,  curious about the building, I found this article which provides a nice review of the Security Building, a historic fixture in downtown.

Day One Hundred Thirteen ~ Swagger On In…

…to the Retro Ranch on 7th Avenue in the Melrose District.

Day One Hundred Five ~ My Florist

The iconic My Florist sign, still stands tall and beautiful on the corner of Mcdowell and 7th Ave, the only evidence of a storied past, beginning in the 40’s when the legendary Vada Schwartz established My Florist, a flower shop and earned a colorful reputation by her flamboyant style and love of the color purple and orchids. The store closed in 1996 and reopened a few years later as a restaurant, still bearing the name of My Florist, and went on to become a dining hotspot in the Willo community for many years.  Unfortunately, it did not weather the economy and closed its doors in 2010.  The building stands empty today but thankfully, the beautiful sign is still intact.

Day Eighty Seven ~ Who Is Martha + Mary?

I didn’t know… but now I do, and I’m glad I do!  Mary + Martha 

Day Eighty Two ~ Palms and Pools

It’s going to be an awesome weekend … thinking about the pool at my favorite staycation spot!

Day Seventy Eight ~ Under The Bridge

The Mill Avenue Bridge, since 1931.

Day Sixty Six ~ A Walk Down Memory Alley

This old alley, so many years ago, still here and more beautiful than ever…