Day One Hundred Ninety Five ~ If You Build It They Will Come

… or maybe just for a while and then not… or maybe eventually?  The Phoenix Trotting Park, built in 1964 survived for several years, but closed after facing the challenges of its distance from Phoenix and the desert climate.  That was in the 60’s.  It has stood vacant all these years, with the exception of a Hollywood moment in the late 90’s when it was used for an explosion set in the movie No Code Of Conduct.  Much has changed since the 60’s.  Perhaps this extravagant venture was ahead of its time and its time in the sun is still to come?


Day One Hundred Seventy Three ~ A Pitcher of Pimm’s

goes down easy on a hot weekend day … at Windsor

Day One Hundred Sixty Eight ~


Day One Hundred Sixty Seven ~ Calling My Name

 The W Hotel pool…

Day One Hundred Sixty Six ~ Mid Century Style

Warehouse 1005 on Roosevelt Row. Love this wall…

Read here for an excellent review of the history of decorative blocks in Phoenix.

Day One Hundred Sixty Three ~ Lunch Break

… the pup and I went to the Fruit Barn for a wild berry smoothie and a salad…

Day One Hundred Sixty One ~ Still Standing

The Leighton G. Knipe house, c 1909… after surviving a fire in 2010, now under restoration by Motley Design.

Day One Hundred Sixty ~ Giant Coffee

Another great coffee spot in an interesting midtown space, created by Matt and Ernie Pool, the husband and wife team behind Matt’s Big Breakfast and the Roosevelt Tavern

Day One Hundred Fifty Nine ~

Day One Hundred Fifty Two ~ It’s What Sunflowers Do

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow…   Helen Keller

…more from last Sunday’s venture Sunflower Sunday…