Red, White & Blue …


What a weekend it was!  Friends, fireworks and good food.

July 4th fireworks at the Indian Steele Park


Independence Day Festivities …


I see dandelions and flying beads … and I’m just drinking coffee.

July 4th fireworks at the Indian Steele Park

Day One Hundred Seventy Three ~ A Pitcher of Pimm’s

goes down easy on a hot weekend day … at Windsor

Day One Hundred Forty Five ~ Boutique Unique

Frances … a lovely neighborhood boutique… their website reflects the fun, quirky nature of this shop and tells their story.  This falls into my category of inspiring people who create local spaces, do what they enjoy while bringing a unique experience to their community.  Love this place…

Day One Hundred Thirteen ~ Swagger On In…

…to the Retro Ranch on 7th Avenue in the Melrose District.

Day One Hundred Seven ~ An Urban Collage

Reflections of …. what was before, what is now and what is coming….

Day One Hundred Four ~ Friday the 13th…

Rokerij for dinner

Day Eighty Seven ~ Who Is Martha + Mary?

I didn’t know… but now I do, and I’m glad I do!  Mary + Martha 

Day Seventy ~ Weekends are Fun

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace … a nice interlude as you go about your weekend…

Day Sixty Six ~ A Walk Down Memory Alley

This old alley, so many years ago, still here and more beautiful than ever…