Day One Hundred Forty Five ~ Boutique Unique

Frances … a lovely neighborhood boutique… their website reflects the fun, quirky nature of this shop and tells their story.  This falls into my category of inspiring people who create local spaces, do what they enjoy while bringing a unique experience to their community.  Love this place…


Day One Hundred Thirteen ~ Swagger On In…

…to the Retro Ranch on 7th Avenue in the Melrose District.

Day Ninety Two ~ Palm Sunday

… at the Scottsdale Quarter

Day Seventy One ~ Sunshine Market

I guess I like the sign… but I also like concept of a neighborhood market that is not a Seven Eleven, Circle K, etc.

Day Sixty Five ~ Under the Awning

Beautiful sun shade at Kierland Commons…

Day Fifty Eight ~ Window Shopping

at Kierland Commons… a delightful open air mingling of nature, architecture and shopping…

Day Fifty Three ~ Town & Country Style

The Town & Country Shopping Shops, a neighborhood destination… Trader Joe’s and Baby Kay’s Cajun Restaurant and the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday keep me coming back.  Built in 1959 this centrally located open air shopping mall on Camelback street is a delightful hub of activity with  Phoenicians going about their daily lives.

Day Forty ~ Gluten Free Color Spree

Tagging along with a friend to her gluten free bakery, I unexpectedly encountered the colors of the otherwise nondescript building of the Gluten Free Creations Bakery .