Day One Hundred Ninety One ~ Heavenly Windows

at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Roosevelt Street…


Day One Hundred Eighty One ~ Gold Reflection

A walk along the historic Gold Spot building, built in 1925.

Day One Hundred Sixty Six ~ Mid Century Style

Warehouse 1005 on Roosevelt Row. Love this wall…

Read here for an excellent review of the history of decorative blocks in Phoenix.

Day One Hundred Sixty One ~ Still Standing

The Leighton G. Knipe house, c 1909… after surviving a fire in 2010, now under restoration by Motley Design.

Day One Hundred Fifty Nine ~

Day One Hundred Fifty Seven ~ Beautiful Entrance

From the inside, front doors to the entrance of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Roosevelt Street… a cool respite from the afternoon heat on the street

Day One Hundred Fifty Five ~ Princess of the Butterflies

by Gennaro Garcia, a piece of the wall mural in the Ro2 project

Day One Hundred Fifty Four ~ Downtown Hollyhock

Day One Hundred Fifty Two ~ It’s What Sunflowers Do

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow…   Helen Keller

…more from last Sunday’s venture Sunflower Sunday… 

Day One Hundred Fifty One ~ No More