Day One Hundred Seventy Three ~ A Pitcher of Pimm’s

goes down easy on a hot weekend day … at Windsor


Day One Hundred Sixty Three ~ Lunch Break

… the pup and I went to the Fruit Barn for a wild berry smoothie and a salad…

Day One Hundred Sixty ~ Giant Coffee

Another great coffee spot in an interesting midtown space, created by Matt and Ernie Pool, the husband and wife team behind Matt’s Big Breakfast and the Roosevelt Tavern

Day One Hundred Forty Seven ~ Weekend Mornings

at Lux Coffee on Central….

Day One Hundred Twenty Three ~ Trees Over My Head

Dining alfresco

There are many wonderful alfresco dining venues around town, a nearly year-round lifestyle option that living in the southwest brings…  But today’s post is really about my iphone which is a work of art in itself as well as becoming very chameleon to its surroundings.  I love how the trees appear to be reaching from the phone.

Day One Hundred Twenty One ~ Happy Hour

That time of day… when you exhale and celebrate…

**disclaimer ~ this is not my drink… I only drink from a martini glass… generally. 🙂

Day One Hundred Fourteen ~ Lola Coffee

Lola Coffee at Gold Spot on Roosevelt street… a great neighborhood coffee bar and hangout…

Day One Hundred Four ~ Friday the 13th…

Rokerij for dinner

Day Ninety Two ~ Palm Sunday

… at the Scottsdale Quarter

Day Seventy ~ Weekends are Fun

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace … a nice interlude as you go about your weekend…