Day One Hundred Eighty One ~ Gold Reflection

A walk along the historic Gold Spot building, built in 1925.


Day One Hundred Sixty One ~ Still Standing

The Leighton G. Knipe house, c 1909… after surviving a fire in 2010, now under restoration by Motley Design.

Day One Hundred Fifty Seven ~ Beautiful Entrance

From the inside, front doors to the entrance of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Roosevelt Street… a cool respite from the afternoon heat on the street

Day One Hundred Forty ~ Pink Meringue

The Wyndham Hotel

Update ~ 9/25/12.  So interesting… this weekend the AZ Republic had a feature on this hotel, which was built on the site of what was originally called Hotel Adams, built in 1896.  Most intriguing were the references used to describe the current building’s unusual style… from the “eyebrow windows” to “the world’s largest cheese grater.”   Love it.

Day One Hundred Thirty One ~ Reflective Moment

The Security Building, built in 1928

The soft dappled afternoon light and reflective activity on the windows drew my attention to this building which I was not familiar with.  As I was with friends who were on a mission that did not include spending even five minutes to capture the perfect photo, I snapped on the run.  Later,  curious about the building, I found this article which provides a nice review of the Security Building, a historic fixture in downtown.

Day One Hundred Twenty Seven ~ Riding The Rail

Rode the Light Rail this weekend for the first time.. have to say it is a class act… This is the view from rail station/stop at Central and Van Buren, with Hotel Monroe (pinkish building) in the background.

Day One Hundred Sixteen ~ Lost Nest

Found ~ Birdie nest….

Day One Hundred Three ~ Evening At The Lake

Day Eighty Seven ~ Who Is Martha + Mary?

I didn’t know… but now I do, and I’m glad I do!  Mary + Martha 

Day Eighty Six ~ Soaring Through The Air

Sometimes these freak me out… they seem to be getting higher and narrower with more cork screw turns then imaginable… I get vertigo, am I driving or flying?!