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Day One Hundred Ninety Five ~ If You Build It They Will Come

… or maybe just for a while and then not… or maybe eventually?  The Phoenix Trotting Park, built in 1964 survived for several years, but closed after facing the challenges of its distance from Phoenix and the desert climate.  That was in the 60’s.  It has stood vacant all these years, with the exception of a Hollywood moment in the late 90’s when it was used for an explosion set in the movie No Code Of Conduct.  Much has changed since the 60’s.  Perhaps this extravagant venture was ahead of its time and its time in the sun is still to come?


Day One Hundred Ninety Four ~ Summer Dust Storm

Perhaps the last one, a week or so ago… moving in… cough. 🙂

Day One Hundred Ninety Three ~ Weekend Fun

Hi there… it’s Sawyer … I want to tell you about my fun weekend.  I went to Starbuck’s with M and made friends with a bunch of firemen.  I want to be their station dog and go for rides on their big truck!  Then I went to fly ball class … whoa, that was some kind of fun!  Check out the heart on my shoulder… I wear it all the time.  🙂  Bye for now…

Day One Hundred Ninety Two ~ Sunset Hour

Desert evening clouds

last night… dinner delight

Day One Hundred Ninety One ~ Heavenly Windows

at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Roosevelt Street…

Day One Hundred Ninety ~ Friday Eve

Patio bliss… temperatures dropped below 90 degrees!  Hello weekend!

Day One Hundred Eighty Nine ~ After the Dust Storm

Day One Hundred Eighty Eight ~ A Lesson Learned

I should listen to the big M more often.  I chose to continue chasing the bees even though big M told me not to.  Now I have a boo boo on my nose because one of the bees stung me.  Big M put something (baking soda water) on my sore nose and I tried to eat it.  It was yummy! (btw, I will eat anything).

Day One Hundred Eighty Seven ~ Paradise At Home

Labor Day weekend…. Staying home and pretending we’re on a veranda on a tropical beach.  Happy 🙂