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Day One Hundred Seventy Four ~ The Moon Tonite


Day One Hundred Seventy Three ~ A Pitcher of Pimm’s

goes down easy on a hot weekend day … at Windsor

Day One Hundred Seventy Two ~ Nature’s Wrapping

… to a beautiful day… with a bonus… it’s the weekend!

Day One Hundred Seventy One ~ Sawyer

Hi there… it’s been awhile… you met me when I was just a wee one… Now I’m much bigger and my mom calls me Sawyer.  (I had to show her more of my personality for her to realize Zach just wasn’t right for me)  I do like to have all my mommy’s attention though so please go easy on her for not keeping up with her daily posts… 🙂

Day One Hundred Seventy ~

Day One Hundred Sixty Nine ~ Tall and Proud

Day One Hundred Sixty Eight ~