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Day One Hundred Fifty ~ Green Smoothie

A leaf unfurls… yet unmarred by weather and insects


Day One Hundred Forty Nine ~

Day One Hundred Forty Eight ~ Sunflower Sunday

Sunday morning with friends… at the Valley of the Sunflowers… such an inspired project/concept and so beautiful as well.  A two acre vacant lot in downtown transformed into a sunflower field.  The seeds will be harvested and used to create biodiesel fuel… Find out more about this project by following their link or visit Glenrosa Journeys, a fellow blogger in My Town who has an extensive collection of pictures and information about the Valley of the Sunflowers project.

Day One Hundred Forty Seven ~ Weekend Mornings

at Lux Coffee on Central….

Day One Hundred Forty Six ~ Have A Flamingo Friday

Pink Flamingos make me smile…

Day One Hundred Forty Five ~ Boutique Unique

Frances … a lovely neighborhood boutique… their website reflects the fun, quirky nature of this shop and tells their story.  This falls into my category of inspiring people who create local spaces, do what they enjoy while bringing a unique experience to their community.  Love this place…

Day One Hundred Forty Four ~ Bird Of Paradise

Day One Hundred Forty Three ~ Puppy Interrupted

I spend a lot of time in the backyard nowadays (more than usual) with puppy potty training going on.  So I’m stretching for material and I know its beginning to look like this blog should be called My Backyard, instead of My Town… 🙂  Soon, when pup can socialize, we will have more pictures from our adventures around town.  In the meantime, here’s today’s shot, which was a failure, but then I decided it is interesting in a way…

Day One Hundred Forty Two ~ Fading Away

Now just a memory… Cafe Willo Bakery & Grocery 

Day One Hundred Forty One ~