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Day One Hundred Twenty One ~ Happy Hour

That time of day… when you exhale and celebrate…

**disclaimer ~ this is not my drink… I only drink from a martini glass… generally. 🙂


Day One Hundred Twenty ~ Meet Zach

If you noticed the tardiness of my posts this week, here is the reason.  There’s a new little guy in the household and we’ve been busy with potty training, puppy shots and getting acquainted.  Zach has a cute little tongue and loves to lick his crate.  I am realizing that taking puppy photos will be a new kind of photographic challenge.  Don’t worry, this is not going to become a puppy blog ~ I will stay on topic.  🙂

Day One Hundred Nineteen ~ Saturday Morning Rose

The pink rose bush blooms in time for the weekend.

Day One Hundred Eighteen ~ Happy Flowers

It’s Friday!

Day One Hundred Seventeen ~ Backyard Harmony

The bower vines and the arabian jasmine have embraced … unfortunately it is across the pathway to the herb garden… what to do…. ?

Day One Hundred Sixteen ~ Lost Nest

Found ~ Birdie nest….

Day One Hundred Fifteen ~ Jacaranda

are blooming… not only are they a beautiful spot of color, but I enjoy saying their name … Jacaranda!

Day One Hundred Fourteen ~ Lola Coffee

Lola Coffee at Gold Spot on Roosevelt street… a great neighborhood coffee bar and hangout…

Day One Hundred Thirteen ~ Swagger On In…

…to the Retro Ranch on 7th Avenue in the Melrose District.

Day One Hundred Twelve ~ Spa Junkie

If only for a week… Spa Week   This time a much needed facial.