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Day Ninety One ~ A Wildflower Palette


Day Ninety ~ A Beautiful Weekend Ahead…

Day Eighty Nine ~ A Spring Sunset

Day Eighty Eight ~ Evening Rooftop Yoga

On the roof top of the Hotel Valley Ho, looking towards Camelback Mountain… yoga hosted by Local Lily and VH Spawhat an awesome evening and midweek adventure!

Day Eighty Seven ~ Who Is Martha + Mary?

I didn’t know… but now I do, and I’m glad I do!  Mary + Martha 

Day Eighty Six ~ Soaring Through The Air

Sometimes these freak me out… they seem to be getting higher and narrower with more cork screw turns then imaginable… I get vertigo, am I driving or flying?!

Day Eighty Five ~ You’re My Butterfly

“Come my lady, come come my lady, you’re my butterfly” the song by CrazyTown always pops into my head when I see butterflies.  At the Butterfly Exhibit in the Desert Botanical Gardens … this is the “Zebra Longwing” Heliconius charitonius

Day Eighty Four ~ Chasing Butterflies

…at the Butterfly Exhibit in the Desert Botanical Gardens for the first time… this is the “Julia” Dryas iulia

Day Eighty Three ~ In Your Backyard

I am so ashamed to admit this, but it took me years to discover this … a 5 minute walk from my home.  Lesson learned ~ Step out of your routine, take another route, go where you haven’t before, in your own neighborhood … you may be surprised at what you discover!

Day Eighty Two ~ Palms and Pools

It’s going to be an awesome weekend … thinking about the pool at my favorite staycation spot!