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Day Sixty ~ Leap Day!

It is Leap Day and my mother’s birthday… Happy Birthday Mom!  I chose this picture for today because it appears as if the flowers are leaping from their dry winter leaves announcing spring.

Taken Monday on a mountain hike.


Day Fifty Nine ~ The Rose

I have a weakness for roses… and street graffiti art.  I held up traffic as I took this shot from my car at the red stop light, which turned green…

Day Fifty Eight ~ Window Shopping

at Kierland Commons… a delightful open air mingling of nature, architecture and shopping…

Day Fifty Seven ~ Buckets Of Fun

Salty Senorita on Scottsdale Road…

Day Fifty Six ~ Pedestrian Bridge

Tempe Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge at sunset…

Day Fifty Five ~

Day Fifty Four ~ Bark Beautiful

Queen Palms… generally its the palmy part that I love, but motivated to work on macro imagery and playing around in the backyard, I found this…

Day Fifty Three ~ Town & Country Style

The Town & Country Shopping Shops, a neighborhood destination… Trader Joe’s and Baby Kay’s Cajun Restaurant and the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday keep me coming back.  Built in 1959 this centrally located open air shopping mall on Camelback street is a delightful hub of activity with  Phoenicians going about their daily lives.

Day Fifty Two ~ Nature’s Colors of Mardi Gras

Purple, green and gold…

Day Fifty One ~ A Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day!